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  1. 英語資訊


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     as1 + 形容詞或副詞原級 + as   1)在否定句或疑問句中可用so… as.   He cannot run so/as fast as you.   2)當as… as 中間有名詞時采用以下格式。   as +形容詞+ a +單數名詞   as + many/much +名詞   This is as good an example as the other is.   I can carry as much paper as you can……   3)用表示倍數的詞或其他程度副詞做修飾語時,放在as的前面。   This room is twice2 as big as that one.   Your room is the same size3 as mine.   4)倍數+ as + adj. + as <=> 倍數+ then + of   This bridge4 is three times as long as that one.   This bridge is three times the length5 of that one.   Your room is twice as large as mine.   Your room is twice the size of mine.   比較級形容詞或副詞 + than   You are taller than I.   They lights in your room are as bright as those in mine.   注意:   1)要避免重復使用比較級。  。ㄥe)He is more cleverer than his brother.  。▽Γ〩e is more clever than his brother.  。▽Γ〩e is clever than his brother.   2)要避免將主語含在比較對象中。  。ㄥe)China is larger that any country in Asia6.  。▽Γ〤hina is larger than any other countries in Asia.   3)要注意對應句型,遵循前后一致的原則。   The population7 of Shanghai is larger than that of Beijing.   It is easier to make a plan8 than to carry it out.   4)要注意冠詞的使用,后有名詞的時候,前面才有可能有名詞。   比較:   Which is large,Canada or Australia?   Which is the larger country,Canada or Australia?   She is taller than her two sisters.   She is the taller of the two sisters
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